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Liquid Shield Nano Waterproof Spray


LENTECH Glasses Protector

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Product Description



Why do we need "LENTECH Glasses Protector"?

On the lens scratches, dust, contaminants will hinder sight, long-term wear make ciliary muscle tension, eye fatigue will often feel, it will affect vision.

After using LENTECH Glasses Protector will help reduce dirt adhesion lenses can reduce the chances of scratching the lens directly.

Make your own professional-grade protection glasses, enjoy a more comfortable clear vision, LENTECH who wear glasses are necessary for a good helper!


"LENTECH Glasses Protector"effectiveness :

new design, with a variety of effects to your lens to provide the best protection, anti-bacteria up to 99.9%

Mist, water vapor and other speed dissipated; prevent dust, grease attached to the lens, long-term high-definition lens, but also reduce the number of replacement lens!


"LENTECH Glasses Protector" Nanotechnology:

Using the latest nanotechnology, ultra fine elements covering the lens surface,

So LENTECH Glasses Protector can provide maximum effectiveness and lasting protection to your lens!



Product Feature

Universal City people have long-term need to wear glasses, but it ignores the importance of the maintenance of the lens,

It is easy to feel discomfort when wearing eye, worse still more likely to affect vision, for your eyes are healthy.

Start using LENTECH nano glasses protection solution as your FIRST STEP to pay attention to the maintenance of glasses,

LENTECH Glasses Protector can bring the following functions for you:


Antifouling and dust

When LENTECH Glasses Protector is attached to the surface of the lens body, the lens will form a coating on,

Nanotechnology structure can effectively prevent dirt, grease contamination lens ensure lens perspective effect, so that the lens can be used normally.



Super anti-fog performance

Appears on the glasses fog up in daily life makes alternating hot and cold, often make the wearer very troubling and embarrassing.

LENTECH Glasses Protector have anti-fog performance solution that can quickly mist, steam and other bulk back, allowing you to speed response HD vision.



Antibacterial 99.9%

Bacteria and germs everywhere, easily hiding between the fine lines on the lens gap, long-term close contact with the bacteria, the eye health has been threatened,

LENTECH Glasses Protector is up to 99.9% effective antibacterial, make your eyes away from the eye disease and bacterial infections, protect your windows to the soul


Maintain high-definition vision

Due to dust and other substances may affect the adhesion so that the spirit can not focus lens clarity, some may even cause eye fatigue and discomfort.

After using LENTECH Glasses Protector, can make lens more clearer, more transparent, so that the wearer feel seems like no lens feeling, reduce eye fatigue occurs, provide a clearer vision of transparent enjoy.


Efficient hydrophobic

Lens body easily leave water marks, but after using LENTECH Glasses Protector, the water will form a dolphin drops, efficient hydrophobic in lens.


Extend the life of the lens

Nowadays generally choose plastic safety glasses, safety glasses has a softer surface, easily get damaged easily be scratched,

After using LENTECH Glasses Protector that can reduce the number of wiping, it can effectively isolate words into the lens material injury (for example: ammonia), greatly extending the life of the lens.


Easier to clean

LENTECH Glasses Protector will form a nano-coating on the lens surface, so you can fill the ultrafine thin lines on the lens,

So that dust, dirt, grease, etc. can not be hiding on the lens, gently touch is fast to respond clear vision.





 LENTECH Glasses Protector efficacy:





  1. Antifouling and dust
  2. Super anti-fog performance
  3. Antibacterial anti 99.9%
  4. Maintain high-definition vision
  5. Efficient hydrophobic
  6. Extend the life of the lens
  7. Easier to clean
  8. Anti-scratch, anti-corrosion (glass lenses)


LENTECH Glasses Protector contains:

  1. Professional cleaning cloth X1 
  2. Glasses protective solution X1
  3. Product Manual X1 



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