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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Jetcom International Development Limited (hereinafter “the Company”) for Liquid Shield “Nano Liquid Screen Protector for Smartphone” provide 6 months warranty, through our authorized customer service centers provide conditional free warranty service to take effect in accordance with the terms and conditions listed below:


Customer must be made register within 7 days after purchase date(Otherwise warranty void) and as following procedures:

  1. Fill in request data on Warranty Card (Your Mobile Model & IMEI no.)
  2. Take a picture of Warranty Card data page Whatsapp to 95344070OR
  3. Attached photo Email to service@liquidshield.com.hk

Terms and Conditions:

1. Customer must need made reservation Whatsapp to 95344070 and provide Warranty Card no. when you request warranty service.
2. Required Warranty Card and Purchase Invoice for service(copy version will not be accepted).
3. Warranty services range include the following:

  1. Smartphone must same as warranty card registration data such the Model, Serial number or IMEI number;
  2. Smartphone glass screen must used Liquid Shield product coating;
  3. *Shallow scratch on Smartphone glass screen.

4. Free warranty service does not include the following:

  1. Any Appearance of loss and scratches on housing;
  2. Interior display of Smartphone;
  3. Glass Screen due to accidental damage, neglect and improper use;
  4. Warranty card loss or damage (if applicable);
  5. NO Warranty Register
  6. The glass other than the Smartphone screen glass and housing.
  7. #Deep scratch on Smartphone glass screen.

5. Smartphone screen must be the glass surface, otherwise cannot be maintained.
6. Customer may be required to pay additional charges when out the range of free warranty service.

7. Warranty service is only applicable in HONG KONG.

8. Warranty service is applicable for Smartphone only (Display <7 inch)

9. The warranty card does not report the loss and re-issued, please keep it carefully.

*No Feel with fingernail to test

#Feel with fingernail to test


The company has the final decision on any dispute.

The Warranty Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

For Liquid Logic Terms & Conditions detail, please refer to Liquid Logic TERMS OF USE