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Research in the field of science - Innovative nanotechnology, nanotechnology research object is usually within the particle scale range of 0.1 to 100 nm.

A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. Human hair, for example, a human hair is about eighty thousand nanometers wide,

Nanotechnology is a very small unit, and nanotechnology is to use the size of the molecules to design matters, through the operation of atoms or molecules, radicals, or molecules, rearranged to form new substances added to the final product desired performance.


Nanotechnology development more quickly, more widely range of applications, nanotechnology provides the ability to overcome the current global issues related to medicine, the natural environment, the economy and many others.

The Liquid Shield series nanotechnology applied to everyday needs, such as: ''Liquid Shield Smartphone Screen Protector'' solves the use, in effect, superior in many aspects of environmental protection issues. And ''LENTECH Glasses Protector'', it is a revolutionary innovative products to address the various issues of daily use glasses, so you can have a more comfortable life.

In the future, Liquid Shield team will continue to develop more innovative revolutionary products that make life better and simpler!

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