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What is Liquid Logic?

Liquid Logic is a super-hydrophobic nano-coating that bonds to all internal and external
components of a device on the molecular level.  Our technology was specially engineered to protect the vital components of electronics from accidental liquid damage and corrosion.
Liquid Logic is 1000X thinner than a human hair and does not affect the outlook, feel, or performance of your electronic device in any way.


Is Liquid Logic Coating visible?

No. Liquid Logic coating provides water safe protection you can’t see with the human eye – unless you have an unexpected water incident of course!


Waterproof coating is valid for how long?

Coating is permanent. However, if the electronic product has been repaired that opened the case for inspection or maintenance replacement parts, it will destroy the coating, so waterproof will destroy. We advised to do it again in order to effectively protect the electronic equipment.


Waterproof performance is instant ready after finishing Liquid Logic waterproof coating?

Yes. But the best performance effectiveness will after 24 hours.


Does my mobile phone have to be new to be Liquid Logic?

No. Liquid Logic can be applied to both new and existing mobile phones.


My device has been treated with Liquid Logic; can I take it swimming or surfing?

No, the Liquid Logic treatment is a preventative coating and is meant to protect the internal, vital components of electronics from liquid corrosion in the event of accidental liquid exposure. Just as you would not intentionally throw your device on the ground after purchasing a case, you would not want to intentionally submerge your device in liquid after having Liquid Logic applied.


What do you mean when you say “accidental liquid exposure”?

Accidental liquid exposure refers to the situations that cause most electronics to become damaged. Liquid Logic was designed as a preventative coating to help guard against rain, spills, baby drool and short term submersion such as the sink or toilet (though we hope you never find out). These scenarios comprise most of the common ways that electronics are damaged.


How much water can Liquid Logic protect my phone from?

Once your phone has been Liquid Logic, it should be protected against short term accidental contact with water. We do not recommend you purposely submerge your phone in any circumstance.


Does Liquid Logic provide protection from all sorts of liquid?

Liquid Logic protects against the liquids you would realistically expect your phone to come in contact with. We do not recommend you deliberately submerge your phone in any circumstance.


If my device is accidentally exposed to liquid after being treated by Liquid Logic what do I do?

Do not panic! Please follow the “After Exposure Guidelines”. These instructions include drying the device as much as possible, powering down the unit (if it is not an emergency and you do not need to make a call), removing the battery and battery cover if possible and not restarting the device until it has fully dried. Please also note that it is very important not to charge your device for at least 24 hours or until it has dried out completely. Devices that have experienced heavy water exposure will take time to dry before the features become fully functional again.


Does the Liquid Logic coating affect my headphone jack and charging ports or the quality of my speakers?

The Liquid Logic coating permeates the device as a whole, therefore protecting internal and external components such as the headphone jack, charging port, and speakers. Our technology does not distort the performance, sound quality, or functionality of your device in any way, as the Liquid Logic coating is 1000 times thinner than a human hair and is bonded to your device on a molecular level. This non-conductive, nano-coating allows electrical currents to transfer back and forth when there is a direct connection. In other words, you are able to charge your device, use headphones, access micro usb or sim cards and use your speakers just as you did before.


If my phone is not working what do I do?

Please remain calm and follow the aftercare instructions. The Liquid Logic coating helps prevent corrosion from forming on the device. Devices that have heavy water exposure may take time to dry before the features become fully functional again.


Is Liquid Logic environmentally friendly?

Liquid Logic isn’t a hazardous substance and will not impact the breakdown of your electronic device at the end of its life cycle.


Is Liquid Logic hazardous to my health?

No. Liquid Logic is non-toxic and has no impact on your health.


I would like to Liquid Logic my device, where can I purchase this service and get my device coated?

Currently, you can purchase our vouchers or reserve service via our online shop www.liquidshield.com.hk and redeem your purchase by bringing your device(s) to our service center. Refer to “Service Centre” for detail of Service Center location.


Does the application of Liquid Logic void my manufacturer’s warranty?

The application of Liquid Logic to your mobile phone or tablet will not void the warranty. We are not aware of any instances where a handset manufacturer has asserted that the application of Liquid Logic voids a manufacturer’s warranty. Liquid Logic is designed to protect your device against short term accidental water exposure. You should be aware however that exposing your phone to water can void your phone manufacturer’s warranty, even if it is protected by Liquid Logic. We recommend that you do not deliberately submerge your phone in liquid in any circumstances.


Is there a warranty period?

Please refer to “Terms of Use” .


DisclaimerLiquid Logic applies a preventative coating designed to aid in the event of accidental liquid exposure, and assumes no responsibility for water damaged devices. Liquid Logic does not recommend that you do not deliberately submerge your device in liquid in any circumstances..